About Kollam

Kollam - Cashew capital of the world

Kollam is a beautiful place in South India, which fascinates you with its multitude of tourist attractions. Such was the fame of Kollam once as a trade center that everyone from the Romans, Arabs, Chinese, the Portuguese, Dutch, and British traders were clamoring to get their hands on the spices and the cashew crops of the region. Have a look at some of the best.

Popular Places In Kollam

Kollam tourist places for a surreal vacation in Kerala, truly God’s Own Country.

1. Jatayu’s Earth Centre

Spread across 65 acres of land, Jatayu Earth's Centre is a rock-themed park built to promote mythology and adventure. The world’s largest bird sculpture is the main attraction at Jatayupara Nature Park and is one among the several Kollam famous places. It has a 6D theatre, a digital audio-visual room, cable car and the Siddha Cave Healing Centre. The virtual reality museum here tells the story of Jatayu to visitors. It is also home to umpteen adventure activities including paintball, laser tag, archery, bouldering, rock climbing, air-rifle shooting, zip lining, trekking, rappelling, valley crossing, etc.

2. Thangassery Lighthouse

Looking for the best tourist places in Kollam? The Thangassery Lighthouse, also known as the Tangasseri Light House, boasts of being the second tallest on the entire coast of Kerala and is thus even one of the most visited lighthouses in the state on this account. The tower has a total height of 41 metres, or 135 feet, and has been operational since the year 1902.The majestic tower is clearly visible and distinct, with its painted red and white oblique bands, and looks pretty indeed in all its glory and majesty.

3. Palaruvi Falls

Palaruvi Waterfalls, which literally translates to ‘Stream of Milk’. The white-stream waterfall descending from the height of 300ft resembles the shape of a horse’s tail. An ideal time to visit this place is from June to January. It is the 32nd highest waterfall in India, also known to have Ayurvedic properties. The roaring sounds of the fall stand in stark contrast to the silence of the forests and mist-kissed mountains around it, therefore making it among the best tourist spots in Kollam.

4. Sasthamkotta Lake

Sasthamkotta Lake is the largest of its kind in Kerala and said to have derived its name from an ancient Sastha Temple located near the lake. It is surrounded by hills on the 3 sides and is the largest source of drinking water for the residents of Kollam. The reason for it being a freshwater source is the presence of larva chaoborus in the water which is responsible of consuming bacteria from the lake water and makes its healthy and fit for drinking. The lake is home for 27 species of freshwater fish. You can do boating and swimming in this lake.

5. Kollam Beach

Voted as the first 'Beach Wedding Destination' in Kerala, the Kollam Beach requires no introduction. There are a lot of places to visit in Kollam, but this beach is one of the most scenic and beautiful. This beach is famous among some travellers with the name of Mahatma Gandhi Beach and soothes wanderers with lush green, calm backwaters, and endless water activities. The beach also has a lighthouse called the Tangasseri Lighthouse, which is a major landmark there. The cultural and spiritual aura of the beach is indeed contagious and fills the visitors with renewed energy and passions.

6. Ashtamudi Lake

The incredible beauty of Kerala, Ashtamudi Lake, it’s name has been derived from two words 'Ashta' meaning eight and 'Mudi' meaning branch, thereby stating the fact that lake has eight branches. It’s the second largest lake in Kerala. Thick coconut groves and palm trees can be seen all along the banks of the lake. The banks of the lake are also famous for the Chinese fishing nets. Backwater cruises are also available in the lake, between Kollam and Alappuzha. The boat cruise to Munroe Islands is a wonderful experience. There are many resorts along the lake that offer variety of water sports.

7. Thenmala

Thenmala is India’s first planned eco-tourism destination located in the foothills of the Western Ghats of the Kollam district which is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thenmala means honey hill. Thenmala is also a dam site with the Parappar Dam which spans the Kallada River. The honey collected from Thenmala forest is famous for its medicinal values. This place has facilities like winding pathways, Sway Bridge, amphitheatre, musical fountain, boating, & so on. To the east, Pathimoonam Kannara Bridge is a 13-arched bridge along a mountain railway route. The other attraction of Thenmala is the Deer Park.

8. Mayyand

A hub of many popular shrines & temples for Hindus and Muslims, Mayyanad is amongst the best tourist places in Kollam. It lies on the banks of the Paravur Lake and also the coast of Arabian Sea. Located at a distance of 10 kms from Kollam, it has nine important temples. The most important of the nine temples here is the Subramanya temple at Umayanallor which is said to be blessed by Shri Shankaracharya of Kalladi. One can also visit an old mosque and several old churches in the area. There are frequent buses from Kollam to Mayyanad.

9. Punalur

One of the most surreal tourist spot in Kollam is Punalur that offers a rejuvenating experience and an Old World Charm. Punalur derives its name from two words in Tamil and Malayalam. ‘Punal’ in Tamil means water and the Malayalam word’ ooru’ means place, which combined together give the name Punalur or ‘place of water. Indeed Kallada flows right through the heart of the city with the famous suspension bridge hanging over it. Panalur is known as "Pepper Village of Kerala". Some of the tourist attractions are Shenthruni Forest, Palruvi and Courtallam Waterfalls, and the age-old Pattazhi Devi Temple.

10. Kakkathuruthu

The Kakkathuruthu Island in Vembanad Lake, Alleppey is a small magnificent island popularly known as the island of crows. It is a heaven for bird watchers. The coconut trees, paddy fields, toddy tapping, fish farming, coir making, and traditional Kerala food like Appam, puttu, crab roast, shrimp fry, duck, pork dishes with fresh catch from the backwaters...there are numerous aspects which make Kakkathuruthu special. Tourists also enjoy the view of the setting sun and watching the sky hues. The sole place in Kerala listed in Nat Geo's magazine for relishing the time of dusk.Things to do - Broom making, Boating, Chinese net, Shinkari melam, Catnet fishing, Clam meat processing.

11. Oachira

Situated on the Kollam-Alappuzha road is the Oachira, a pilgrim center that is known to attract a large number of tourists. The unique feature of this famous pilgrim center is that there is no deity or idol at the famous Parabrahma temple dedicated to universal consciousness. Oachira Kali in mid-June and the twelve-day Panthrandu Vilakku in November/December are the two main annual festivals. According to the Puranas, this glorious temple is one of the most famous and sacred places that can be found in Kerala, or for that matter, all over the country.