About Athirappilly

Athirappilly - The Niagara of India

Athirappilly, the land of rivers, forests and great waterfalls is a stunningly beautiful tourist destination in God’s Own Country. Athirappilly houses the largest waterfall in Kerala. Athirappilly waterfall situated at a distance of about 78 km from Kochi is one of the most visited destination in Kerala.

This waterfall in sholayar ranges is beautifully intertwined with lush green forest and silver cascades in between Kochi and River Nila. Athirappilly is a perfect place to visit during summer.

Athirappilly waterfall situated on Chalakudy River originates from the upper region of Western Ghats. Athirappilly is home for many endangered flora and fauna.

Athirappilly is the most popular summer destination. Another destination to visit is the Vazhachal waterfall. The twin waterfalls Athirappilly and Vazhachal are breathtakingly beautiful. The bewitching beauty of the falls is about 80 feet high amidst the green forest.

Combined with wild beauty of nature Athirappilly freshen our mind and soul. While waterfalls are the highlight of this place there is also some other attractions around Athirappilly.

Popular Place to visit In Athirappilly

1. Thumboormuzhy Gardens

Thumboormuzhy Garden is a beautifully landscaped butterfly garden across Chalakudy River. This butterfly garden in the forest area have about 148 varieties of butterflies. Some of the butterflies that can generally be seen in the garden include lemon butterfly, southern birdwing, common rose, light blue tiger, dark blue tiger and common crow. The garden situated on the Athirappilly road have a coffee shop.

2. Athirappilly Waterfalls

Athirappilly Waterfalls located 78 kms from Kochi at the entrance to Sholayar ranges is a popular picnic spot. Athirappilly joints to the Chalakudy river after plummeting a drop of 80 feet.

The wilderness of the cool misty waterfall among the thick green forest is an amazing sight. The tranquility and the soothing sound of the waterfall calm yourself. This is a perfect place to spend time away from the tensions and worries of life.

3. Vazhachal Waterfalls

Just a short drive from Athirappilly is Vazhachal waterfall. Located at the entrance of Sholayar ranges among the thick green forest this waterfall has a special charm. Starting calmly from the high ranges, and crashing through the lush greenery of forest this waterfall is an ideal place to relax.

The picturesque beauty of vazhachal waterfall is a part of Chalakudy River. Near the waterfall is a medicinal Herb plants with so many medicinal plants which can cure arthritis, skin disease and blood pressure. There is a small canteen close to the fall.